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Ropes Course

TYPE: Ropes Course


INCLUDED: All necessary equipment, staff, water


This is the ultimate adventure. You and your bachelors or bachelorettes will conquer a series of individual and group challenges, all the while up above the ground. Your problem-solving skills and teamwork will be put to the test as you are faced with numerous different challenges. Defeat one challenge before you can move onto the next—there’s no skipping ahead on these courses unless you have wings.

The challenges are designed to test your agility, balance, coordination, problem solving, and creativity, rather than your brute physical strength. Each participant is attached with a harness so no there’s little danger you’ll actually fall and splat on the ground, but try telling that to your animal instincts that are pumping adrenaline into your gourd. You’ll have certified coaches to help you along the way in case you get a little nutty .

If you can make it through these courses, you can make it through your wedding no sweat.

*** Please note that pricing may vary from the listed price as a result of group size, date, chosen options, and additional factors. As a result pricing is not guaranteed. ***