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How to Plan the Perfect Bachelor Party

Step 1: Research Bachelor Party Ideas

Browse our bachelor party packages, we will give you helpful hints on what�s the best option for your group (we have plenty of experience booking events). Evaluate your group's temperament and budget and determine the length of the party. You don't want to book a beer tasting event if half your group doesn't drink or a white water rafting trip if the other half can't swim.

Step 2: Select & Customize Your Bachelor Party Package

Choose one of our ready-to-roll bachelor party packages or build your own adventure. Once you've pitched it to the guys/gals fill out our trip booking form on the website or give us a call. We'll make sure the package is tailored to your specific needs. Package prices are determined by a min/max # of participants. Based on your choices we'll finalize the price.

Step 3: Sign-up/Pay

Collect money from the group and pay for your party. We HIGHLY recommend Pay it Square as a method to collect from the group. It's quick and easy!

Charge up the batteries on the camera, iron your clothes, and practice your goofy grin because you�re about to have an unforgettable experience. Check the trip website for activity specific requirements regarding dress code, physical demands, and health concerns.

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