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Package #162 - 4 Wheeler


Location: San Diego Area

Min: 3

Max: Sky is the limit

Available: Sat/Sun

Cost: From $440.75 Per Person

Note: Cost may vary depending on availability

Included in the Package

Atv trip to Mexico - Full Day
The back tires throw up a rooster tail of sand as you blow through the last stretch of the beach, and then you池e slowing to start the ascent. These mountain trails were part of the Baja 500, you remember, and you grin and gun it. The quad growls beneath you and you rocket uphill. At the top is a stunning view of Mexican terrain, a view and an experience you and your buddies will never forget.

Choose a one- or two-day ATV adventure in Mexico. Either way it値l be a trip you never forget. Your bachelor party will get picked up in San Diego and driven to a Mexican beach where you値l get detailed instruction on how to operate your quad and a chance to get comfortable with your ride on some easy terrain. Riders of all skill levels are welcome, and you値l have a choice of quads to choose from that fit your skill level (fully automatic, semi-automatic, or manual transmissions). Travel time to and from San Diego to the riding location is about 1 hour with up to a 45-minute wait at the border.

On the one-day tour you値l get a chance to ride the beach and summit monster sand dunes before riding to a local taco stand for lunch. After lunch, you head for the mountains and a series of trails that have been part of the Baja 500 and Mexico 1000 races at one point or another. They range from mellow tracts to technically challenging trails with steep climbs and crazy switchbacks. If you or any of your pals turn out to have more guts than ridings skills, your guide will make sure you stay to trails within your capability. Regardless of the trails you take, you値l find great panoramic views in all directions, and thrills you池e not likely to forget. Riding ends at four o clock, and then it痴 back across the border with you.

Whichever tour you decide to take, you池e sure to have a wild time. Remember to respect the trails, other riders, and the machines you池e on. If you ride within your abilities and keep an eye out for potential dangers before they become a problem, you値l manage to make it back to San Diego in one piece.


Package Includes: Transportation, ATV. lunch (1 serving), bottled water, fuel, professional tour guide, safety equipment (iriduim satellite phone), all your gear (Gear - helmet, goggles, gloves, jerseys, pants, boots, chest, knee, and elbow protectors), taxes

    Add-on: One night at the Hard Rock Hotel

We also offer 2 day Atv trips to Mexico, San Diego trips and for all the ladies we offer Atv trips with spa or wine tasting, please inquire with a FireFly representative.

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3 Course - Prix-Fixe - South American (one)
We love food. We致e found the best deals on great food that will satisfy the soul. You can choose from a variety of food genres guaranteed to please. We値l match you with restaurants that suit the package and the people. All you have to do is eat!

Package Includes: 3 Course Meal, Tax, Gratuity

We offer different menus and pricing for our restaurant packages, please inquire with a FireFly representative.

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