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Package #458 - The Hangover


Location: San Diego Area

Min: 10

Max: 12

Available: Sat/Sun

Cost: From $161.85 Per Person

Note: Cost may vary depending on availability

Included in the Package

Public Brewery Tour - 2 Breweries
Yeah, you like drinking beer, but do you know the difference between ale and a lager? Can you tell a Tettnanger hop from a Cascade hop just by the floral aroma and taste? Or maybe you don’t care. Either way, you’ll have a great time blowing the frost off some great local microbrews with your best friends.

Enjoy a day with your bachelors sampling a veritable plethora of award winning beers in “America’s Finest City”, San Diego. You’ll be toured around with a knowledgeable staff that is dedicated to educating you on the unique histories and processes of San Diego’s popular breweries… oh yeah, and to making sure you’ve always got a cold one in hand. San Diego County has over 30 craft brews, so beer enthusiasts and indifferent lushes alike are sure to be satisfied and have a grand time.

Package Includes: Round trip transportation, beer tasting - 2 breweries, bottled water

This tour can be extended, visiting more Micro Breweries, with or without food, it is also available for different group sizes. Please inquire with a FireFly representative.

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Go-Karting - Mini Grand Prix
Discover your inner Jeff Gordon or Danica Patrick and put your driving skills to the test in a thrill ride around the track in these high-performance go-karts. Can you negotiate those hairpin corners? Can you pull off an inside passing move? And when you get the lead, can you defend it through that last lap up to the checkered flag?

Experience the thrill of wheel-to-wheel racing in high-performance electric go-karts that reach speeds of up to 45 mph. With 80,000 square feet of racetrack, you’ll have plenty of asphalt to test the limits of the new generation of go-karts. These babies are state of the art, high-torque, zero-emission, electric pro karts made in Italy (the same country that birthed Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini, in case you were wondering). With 20 horsepower, they put the old generation of 6.5 and 9-horsepower go-karts to shame. That’s right, more than twice the power, and they handle better to boot. All that without a speck of smog or emissions.

The tracks and karts are designed to give drivers the same experiences and challenges professional racecar drivers face, including over-steer, under-steer, drifting, and some serious g-forces. A state of the art clocking system displays your results in real-time so you can see how you’re doing, and with safety-engineered barriers and railings and professionally-trained flag marshals, you’ve got everything but the cheering crowd of three-hundred thousand fans.

This isn’t highway driving, we’re talking about. Drivers are required to wear helmets and race gear, and everyone is thoroughly briefed on all racing rules and protocol before revving up their engines. No road rage here, please—save that nonsense for the freeways, or at least until you make it to the Daytona 500!

Mini Grand Prix – 14-lap qualifying, 16-lap final race with medals.

Facilities: Café.

Package Includes: 14 lap qualifying, 16 lap final race, helmet, car, safety training, insurance, exclusive track time, no waiting in line, photo, medal

Also check out the Grand Prix package which includes an extra 12 lap practice, please inquire with a FireFly representative for more information.

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Indoor Shooting Range
Sorry, but your shooting skills in Nintendo’s Duck Hunt don’t prove anything. It’s time to step into a real shooting range, strap on a real-life firearm, and test your skills on a modern 8-position skills challenge. The competition is on and bragging rights are at stake. Are you a Dirty Harry or a Dirty Mary?

This indoor shooting range offers a modern 8-position indoor shooting range setup with automatic target returns and state-of-the-art ventilation and lighting. All bachelors or bachelorettes will get eye and ear protection and if you’re not packing your own heat, you can rent a gun on-site. The range is setup to handle standard magnum pistol calibers and pistol-caliber rifles, such as a .44 magnum carbine. You will get personalized firearm safety instruction, and then everyone can unload their clips on the targets (you will need to buy your own ammo and targets). Go ahead, say it: “Make my day, punk.”

Package Includes: 1 fire arm for every 3 shooters, 1 lane for every 3 shooters, eyes and ears for everyone, range fees, instruction

This package is available for different group sizes, please inquire with a FireFly representative.

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