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Package #47 - Raging Waters


Location: Los Angeles Area

Min: 12

Max: 30

Available: Fri/Sat/Sun

Cost: From $149.50 Per Person

Note: Cost may vary depending on availability

Included in the Package

One Day Upper River Kern Trip (12pple+ Fri)
The majestic view of the Sierras has lulled you into a state of peace and you sigh, at one with nature as you drift downstream, and then—BAM!—all of a sudden you’re in the rapids, and the guide is yelling at you to paddle for all your life’s worth… That’s how the Kern River flows: from Zen to Class IV rapid mayhem faster than you can cry, “Uncle!” Do you have what it takes to stay out of the drink?

Located in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Sequoia National Park (less than 3-hours from southern California), the Kern River offers more class III and IV rapids than you’ll find on most California whitewater rivers twice its length. These intense rapids, combined with waters reaching temperatures close to 70 degrees in the summer and plenty of beautiful lulls to catch your breath, make for the rafting adventure of a lifetime.

A one-day blitz down the Upper Kern is available between April and June each year, and one- and two-day trips on the Lower Kern are available between May and September each year. Whichever trip you choose, you’ll get bused to the river, meet your expert guide, get a crash course on safety instructions and rafting techniques in calm waters, and then off you go into the roaring rapids. All trips require that you be in good physical condition and are able to swim. You don’t need to bring anything other than sunscreen, some sunglasses, a hat, and maybe a jacket, but don’t bring anything you’ll cry over if it sinks to the bottom without you.

The Upper Kern Trip is the ultimate one-day river trip for your bachelor or bachelorette party. It’s only available for a few months each spring when the water is running high enough, but it’s well worth it. On this trip, you’ll experience a slew of unique class III and IV rapids that are sure to get your adrenaline rushing and your shorts wet (only with river water, hopefully).

Package Includes: Guide, raft, all necessary equipment, Lunch

    Add-on: Tent (2pple)

    Add-on: Sleeping Bag

We offer different Whitewater Rafting packages:

  • One day Lower Kern – Class 3-4
  • One day Upper Kern– Class 3-4
  • Two day Lower Kern– Class 3-4
Each package is available for different group sizes and days of the week if you are interested in any of the above tours, please inquire with a FireFly representative.

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