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We throw bachelor and bachelorette parties in Calfornia cities and Las Vegas. We've had the pleasure of helping some amazing people. Here's what some of our previous customers said about us:

Nadine was awesome about getting back to me regarding my questions quickly. The wine bar was the best part of the night! I will definitely be taking my friends there again. - Brittany

Firefly made finding out the details, and paying for my attendance to the bachelor party a breeze. It was so nice to have everything taken care of before I show up. - Steve

We had a a great time on the ATVS, great guides, and amazing scenery. Highly Recommended. - Yair

The event was amazing, the different activities really helped bond the entire bridal party, even though we had never met before - Katie

We had a great time, I'm sure you will too.

The go-karting kicks A$$ - John

A remarkable bachelorette party I will never forget! A bigger bang for our buck than I would've ever thought! All the girls had a blast! Firefly staff are professional and uses awesome vendors! Thanks for a great party! - Cynthia (Bride)

The zip line was ridiculous! - Jason

Our group had a blast on the ropes course! Ryan, the facilitator, not only showed us what to do, but also brought us together for some heartfelt moments. - Govind

We had so much fun! - Tim

Booking was a breeze. I worked with James from the get-go and he made everything super easy from an event planning perspective. Firefly took care of the details while I only had to worry about the fun stuff. - Josh (Best Man)

it was the bomb diggity - Jessica

A celebration without out the worry of planning - Kayleen