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FireFly Group Events: Reinventing Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

For Immediate Release

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., May 13 /PRNewswire/ In a market previously known for illicit encounters and marriage disrupting fiascos, FireFly Group Events provides fun alternatives to traditional bachelor or bachelorette parties.

FireFly Group Events helps brides and grooms create memories, not secrets, with the launch of their new bachelor and bachelorette events website.

From candle making to sword fighting, each bachelor or bachelorette party FireFly facilitates is unique to the client. Their website offers packages that are customizable for size, location, and activity choice. Per person prices start at $35 and reach $1500. Serving San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, FireFly Group Events books the activities and collects money so the organizer isn't stuck with the bill. The Best Man or Maid of Honor is only responsible for choosing activities and inviting friends. An event page is provided for participants to view trip details, message each other, send evites, download maps, and post images.

FireFly's website has an impressive list of typical bachelor and bachelorette activities like wine tasting, paintball, and spa days, but FireFly goes further by offering perfume-making, stunt driving, trapeze lessons, smash parties, and more. "We really push for a, 'I never thought of that', reaction when we look for new vendors and ideas. We even gave vendors ideas for activities they didn't offer before us," says co-founder Nadine Sandeluss, laughing. "Ultimately, as best man or maid of honor you want the party to be memorable in a positive way. Our parties give that to them."

To simplify coordinating a group of friends and family, FireFly provides custom event websites. "Our custom trip pages have a simple interface that enables everyone to easily chat and communicate," says James Bennett, the technical half of the founding partners. Trip members also use the event site to register and pay for their seat, eliminating any need for the trip leader to collect money.

Top Bachelor and Bachelorette Packages:

  • Spy School - Cocktail Making, Self Defense, & Sword Fighting - From: $133.25 per person
  • Days of Thunder - Go-Karting & Beer Tasting - From: $104 per person
  • Fishy Pints - Deep Sea Fishing & Beer Tasting - From: $166.40 per person
  • Cruising Candles - Candle Making & Boat Cruise - From: $49.40 per person
  • Scents A Tini - Perfume Making, Manicure & Martini - From: $78 per person
  • Chocolate Gone Wild - Chocolate Tasting & Pole Dancing - From: $107.90 per person
  • Baking & Basking - Cupcake Decorating & Mini Facial or Massage - From: $65 per person

Website Address:

FF Group Events was founded in 2008 by Nadine Sandeluss and James Bennett, of Huntington Beach, California. They offer planning and coordinating services for bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties. The company simplifies the organization of these events by providing pre-packaged and custom events from fun to outlandish with a free concierge service.