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The Reality of Bachelor Party Planning

Tired of going on a bachelor party that is organized at the last minute? Running out of ideas? You don�t want the responsibility of paying for an event and people cancelling on you. You don�t want the blame for an event that didn't go to plan, so you end up going for a quick bite to eat and going drinking which leads to.... at a strip club.

Well you can still end up at a strip club for your bachelor party, but why not give the Groom a memorable send off?! Have a blast with a bunch of friends, hassle and stress free and you won't be out of pocket. Sounds like a fantastic idea, sign me up!

With the help of our experienced staff at FireFly we can hook you and your friends up with a day/night/weekend to remember, and You will reap the rewards and praise.

Why book with FireFly?

We all have busy stressful lives, it's tough to put aside some chill time. Now you have just been given a huge responsibility to plan a successful, one of a kind, memorable send-off for your best friend.

All your available time will be spent rounding up their closest friends, some of which you don�t know, researching on-line for something to do and trying to find a vendor that is reliable and won't rip you off. Sheesh!

Once you have booked something you are responsible for putting the money down. If the vendor requires payment in full you have to collect everyone�s money, some people might drop out, you are never quite sure how many to reserve for, some people will tell you they will pay you when they see you. Stress builds as you realize you could be left holding the bill, a pricey bachelor party! Not worth the hassle.

With Firefly Events, you browse the site, pay for one seat, give us a guestimate of how many friends are coming on the bachelor party, and your part is almost done. You just need to remind your friends to sign-up. We will give you a customized website where your friends can sign up and we'll email you when someone books or cancels. There is no need to be out of pocket. If you want to split the cost of the guest of honor's tab, we can take care of that as well.

We will send out an email reminding you of your deadline payment. You can easily check online to see who still needs to sign up and how many people are needed to meet the minimum number of people required for your chosen event.

We will even provide you with a detailed schedule and a customized FireFly trip sheet for the best nightspots, local highlights and up-to-date events in the area.