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Bachelor Parties: Why book with FireFly Group Events?

You round up the groom's closest friends, many who you don't know, and try and find something for the group to do. By the time you've done this the clock is ticking and you're almost out of time. You finally found a place for dinner, some fun, and a limo. It's time to collect the money! Piece of cak.... don't worry they'll pay you back. Fast-forward to the morning after the "party". You now realize organizing the bachelor "party" on your own is a shallow grave at the end of a long night where the groom got a drunk tattoo, the limo was 2 hours late, and the restaurant screwed up your reservation. You're left explaining to the bride who "Kiki" is and how her name ended up branded on the groom's bicep. After weathering her wrath you start to call a cab only to realize all your money was spent on your friends but it's okay. They'll pay you back.

Sound like fun?? We don't think so either. Let's leave the bachelor 'parties' to the boys and graduate to the Bachelor Event. Find the activities you want to do on our site and let our experience planner handle all the little details.

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